The Cut

aka Cadaver

Story: Sun-hwa (Han Ji-min) and her friends, among them Ki-bum (Oh Tae-gyung) who seemingly has some interest in Sun-hwa, finally start their semester at a medical elite university. For the first time they are allowed to dissect a real dead body, but their professor Dr. Han (Jo Min-ki), who is also called “the technician”, just gives them the creeps. Moreover, something seems to be wrong with their corpse, which has a tattoo in the shape of a rose on its chest.
Then, one day, someone of Sun-hwa’s group is murdered under mysterious circumstances. The police investigates the case, and it seems as if someone working or studying at the university is responsible for the murder, as the victim’s heart is missing. Sun-hwa and her friends also realize that they all share the same dream of a limping, one-eyed doctor. Is the ghost of the corpse they are dissecting taking revenge for something? But what has all of this to do with them, and how does the one-eyed doctor fit into the picture? Sun-hwa and her friends, who one after another fall victim to the ghost, try to unravel the past of the girl with the rose-tattoo, before there is no one to investigate the case anymore.