PDFZilla Review

I have been looking for a program that would convert text documents to pdf files and merge them in to one file.   I write eBooks and over the years I have created many text files that I have been meaning to update and bring into the 21’st century by converting them into pdf’s. The problem I had was that I had no idea how to do this . So, I decided that I would look in to ways of doing this programmaticly.  At first I found software that was OK but it would bog-down, or crash when it was met with the task of converting hundreds of files at once.    After pulling my hair out searching the web for applications that would meet my needs I came across an application called PDFZilla.   I started out with the free version of PDFZilla and I was very impressed with the robustness of this application I had over eleven thousand text files that I wanted to make into pdf files PDFZilla was able to handle this in batch files as large as two thousand at a time the job was completed in just under an hour and a half.  PDFZilla its self is very easy to use just drop your files into PDFZilla and press the convert button and PDFZilla does the rest placing the resulting pdf’s in the folder of your choice.  Then to merge the pdf’s simply drop them into PDFZilla again and this time select merge pdf’s now and away you go very easy and very robust application.  PDFZilla is a great application for authors and I recommend it to anyone who needs an affordable way to convert your files to pdf and merge the pdf’s into one single file.

But, this is not all that PDFZilla dose, PDFZilla is a multi -tool that converts several types of files into pdf including Word files, Excel files, RTF files TXT files,  Image files,  HTML Files, and SWF files.  PDFZilla  does it all and does it with ease.  I am very Happy that I found PDFZilla

PDFZilla‘s Key Features:

 PDFZilla Converts PDF to Word

PDFZilla converts to Excel

PDFZilla Converts PDF to RTF

PDFZilla Converts PDF to TXT

PDFZilla Converts PDF to Images

PDFZilla Converts PDF to HTML

PDFZilla Converts PDF to SWF

PDFZilla can rotate your pdf file in 90 degree intervals, and

PDFZilla is Easy to use.


So, give PDFZilla a try, you’ll be glad you did.