Forensic facial reconstruction with free software


It is really important to have access to open source tools, since they can make a bunch of projects and research fields more feasible and less spendable. Here I will expose how this could be achieved using some of them to do forensic facial reconstruction.

We have several good software, like InVesalius, that helps us converting computed tomography in 3D meshes. The problem is that is very expensive to make a tomography and some workgroups don’t have neither acess at this tool, or money to invest of this projects making unfeasible the whole work.

Since you have the reconstructed skull, and if you have the knowledge to make the reconstruction, is quite easy to make the rest of the work, because we have Blender to make 3D modeling, Gimp to make the textures and treat the image, and a couple of other software to finish a well made work.

I already have done some facial reconstructions using only free software, but this is especial, because for the very first time, we used SfM in the process.

The ARC TEAM was able to reconstruct a skull with a series of pictures with great riches of details. This is very important because the process is now viable to be used in all regions of the world, mainly by those groups doesn’t have a lot of money to spend, but have a computer, a picture machine and a big wish to make things happen.