On 04/07/2004 in Xinjiang, a female boss beheaded 16 employees

On 04/07/2004 in Xinjiang, a female boss beheaded 16 employees simply because there is no money to pay salaries. The incident really shook the whole of China.

Cause horrible crime boss beheaded 16 female employees is due in 2003, cold-blooded killer Yang Chaoguo joined brother opened a small karaoke bars and specialist recruitment service for working women long legs. However, because the business plan does not fit, Yang repeatedly restaurants debt. Facing bankruptcy and the strike of staff, boss Yang has decided to perform extremely barbaric acts that kill people default on wages.

Team 18 feet long by Yang hired.

In fact, Yang was scheduled first defense staff long to conceal abuse their women. On a summer day, under the pressure of threats of employees, Yang had appointed 18 girls working for him to a restaurant to pay off salary. When the girls are present, he tricked her into room 18 large and lowering medication. Then he pulled the girl out of each different spot in the house then hung up and turn beheaded. He also used cell phones to capture the process and results of his murder.

The crime was only discovered by a male staff restaurant take back mobile neglected. The employee subsequently after panic before his horror picture show was immediately reported to the police. When police stormed found only 2 girls were unconscious 16 other girls were beheaded and hung up. Two girls survived were taken to emergency at the hospital.

Even in the backyard, police also horrified to witness full barbaric crimes of Yang.

(Due to the image scene beheaded boss 16 female employees too barbaric nature to News 24 for permission not upload, readers expect sympathy)

Yang Chaoguo went through two marriages break up becoming who hate women. From the accounts of the restaurant staff, Yang is hobbyists sick and or use of violence. He opened a restaurant and hires only female to pleasure to serve his own metamorphosis. Police also found several toys crib in a separate room of Yang.

Show the blockade after the device indicates only a 10-minute project.

The murderer in prison.

Department beheaded boss 16 female employees   This appalling immediately closed in 2004 with the death penalty for murderers.

Yet, today, many social forums and on several Facebook pages have content sharing and mention the time it occurred was in 2014 made many people misunderstand.


Source: http://tintuc24h.info/tin-trong-ngay/man-ro-ong-chu-chat-dau-16-nu-nhan-vien-vi-khong-muon-tra-cong

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