Trump Filter For Google Chrome: Review – Forbes

This dream-come-true for many isn’t complicated: the filter says it to allows you to control the quantity of content about the presidential candidate that you are exposed to while conducting your normal daily web tasks. Searching and reading news pages and don’t want to be peppered with Trump antics? This may be the extension for you, if you don’t mind a scorched earth approach to “filtering”. Make America great again, it wryly touts.The extension claims to allow you to “adjust filter settings on the fly,” and to be able to share the filter with friends. The extension is available for free in the Chrome Web Store.

The extension has a 5-star rating. However some reviewers are reporting problems, such as it removing entire pages mentioning Trump, rather than just the Trump reference. They’re right, I tried it. When I searched Google in Chrome for my earlier Forbes article about Trump, the entire page of search results was blocked. One reviewer suggests setting the filter settings to “mild.”

Since Trump has promised to launch an initiative to “shut off the Internet” to control certain users, this Chrome addition is but a proffered response, albeit with that above-mentioned hyper-censor glitch. With the glut of Trump references on the Internet and the extension’s propensity to block entire pages on which Trump is mentioned, this extension may cause you temporary near-blackouts if its overzealous redaction function isn’t fixed.

Source: Trump Filter For Google Chrome: Review – Forbes