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As if

As if the sweat people leave behind on workout benches and spin bikes wasn’t already maddening…this just in!

According to Madame Noire, a recent study reports that 25% of British gym-goers actually are having sex in between workouts! A survey of 2,000 folks in the UK, conducted by researcher Ann Summers, showed that:

  • 25% of those surveyed admitted to having sex at the gym.
  • Over 50% of the respondents stated that they use the gym as a place to meet other people.
  • 10% stated that they carry condoms in their gym bag just in case something goes down!
  • Over 80% said they made connections by using dating apps while at the gym.

20% admitted that they even hooked up with a trainer!

This was just a survey about our friends in good old England, but if they’re getting it on across the pond, it makes you wonder if it’s happening in our gyms in America, too! There’s already a lot of sweat left on the machines…but is it just from working out?

Could quickies at the gym be the new norm?

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Source: The GED Section by D.L. Hughley & Friends