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There seems to be a new Facebook scam in the works.  For those of you on the social network, your should be aware of this growing problem.

Today, I received a friend request from one of my work colleagues.  It struck me as unusual, because I was already friends with him.  But I was busy with a few projects at the time and so I accepted the request without too much thought.  I assumed I would follow up with him later as to what happened to his old account that caused him to need to friend me again.

After an hour or so, I received an instant message (IM) from him.  “Oh nice!” I thought, although, again it was a bit unusual because he normally doesn’t IM with me.  Of course I responded as any decent person would do.  After a few casual messages about how things are with both of us, the conversation turned weird.  Here’s what was said:

Him: how are you doing ?

Me: Good!  We hadn’t a brief quiet spell, but things are picking up again:-)

Me: How about you?

Him: thing are going right

Him: hope all is well with you ?

Me: Yes, all is good.

Him: I was just wondering if you have heard about the good news yet?

Me: Hmm, I think I may have missed it!

Him: I am so happy because I got $20,000 cash from the Federal Government humanity and poverty eradication. They are Helping the poor,disable,deaf,old,retired and young  people with Cash, I wonder if you get your money yet because I saw your name on the federal Govt list,

Me: I’m sorry, what now?

Him: I wonder if you get your money yet because I saw your name on the federal Govt list

Me: Where are you right now?  I just called your office.

REDACTED signed off at 12:45 PM.

His signing off the minute I mentioned trying to call him is a clear sign that this was indeed not my colleague.  Well, that and all the talk about getting $20,000 for the Federal Government.  I’m quite certain that had I persisted with the conversation, a request for personal information, bank details, or a link to what I can guarantee is not a safe website would have followedd.

Be sure to pay attention to the little details when having any interaction with people on line, whether you know them or not.  Listen to any nagging doubts (as my wife would say) you may have.  There are plenty of bad people out there and there are very few lengths they won’t go to in order to part you and your money.

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This happened to me like this:


TUE 9:00PM

Disguised spammer/scammer
Hello how are you doing i hope is well with you i wonder you have heard about the good news yet?


What good news?


Disguised spammer/scammer:
i saw your name on united agencies & grants poverty foundation list .do you heard about them yet?
Disguised spammer/scammer:
the united agencies & grants poverty foundation set up to help people financially with money all over the world to take care of kids, buy houses, pay rents and lots more , i got 90,000 cash from them. did you get the money too?
no, Haven’t heard of them. How do I contact them?
Disguised spammer/scammer:
Am serious about this you can get your money too cause i saw your profile name and picture on the list when they came to my house to deliver me my money, they pick randomly on social network,did you know how to contact them
I have never heard of them so no, I do not know how to contact them I would Like to know though.
Disguised spammer/scammer:
I think you should contact agent Cynthia Elizabeth Kendrick tell her you want to check if your name is one the winning list
Or just click on this link add her as a friend and message her
Cynthia Elizabeth Kendrick
You didn’t mention you ‘won’ the money… hmm.
Disguised spammer/scammer:
let me know if am right with your name that i saw
I don’t know if I believe that you are who you say you are How are we related?
Disguised spammer/scammer”
ok Just checking Got to make sure
I have done what you requested. Hope this is true…
( Not really)
Disguised spammer/scammer:
i got the money frfr
they deliver it to my door step
i won’t be telling you at first if it’s a hoax
ok I am contacting her…
(ya Right I am not. Googled the info and…)
New Facebook Scam | Patch–new-facebook-scam
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Sep 27, 2012 – Him: I am so happy because I got $20,000 cash from the Federal Government humanity and poverty eradication. They are Helping the poor …
New Facebook Scam | Patch
Port Chester, NY – Online thieves are finding new ways to dupe people into giving out personal information. | Patch
Disguised spammer/scammer
So I am passing on the word.