National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 05-06-16

By Jonathan Blanks

Here are the eleven reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, May 6, 2016:

  • Newark, New Jersey: An officer was charged with sexual assault for allegedly coercing a woman to perform a sex act.
  • Update: Kern County, California (First reported 06-17-13): The County settled the lawsuit filed by the family of David Silva, who died of asphyxiation after a police beating for $3.4 million.
  • Update: Grand Rapids, Michigan: A now-former officer was sentenced to 2-15 years in prison for sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend during a home invasion.
  • Albion, Michigan: A now-former officer was arrested for running an illegal investigation to collect child pornography. He is also accused of protecting a couple who allegedly manufactured the pornography.
  • Winslow, Arizona: An officer fatally shot Loreal Tsingine. Officials have been slow to release information about the shooting and witnesses have been publicly critical of the officer’s actions during the shooting.
  • Federal Protective Service (Department of Homeland Security): An officer was arrested for murdering his estranged wife and shooting several others, two fatally, over a two-day shooting spree in the greater DC metro area. ;
  • North Hampton, Ohio: An officer was arrested in a prostitution sting.
  • Austin, Texas: An officer was fired for assaulting a woman while he was off duty outside of a party last year. He was charged with assault that resulted in
  • San Antonio, Texas: An officer was suspended for inappropriate contact with a 21-year-old woman during a ride-along as a part of the department’s Explorer program. He allegedly came on to her and repeatedly touched her during the ride.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: An officer was suspended for using racial slurs against his co-workers, including calling his supervisor a “banana-eating monkey.”
  • Update: New York, New York (First reported 07-29-14): An officer was convicted of assault for stomping on the head of Jahmi-El Cuffee.

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