Nine Year Old’s Play Meek Mill Song During ‘Children’s Hour’; Radio Station Investigated

By Mike Winslow

(AllHipHop News) A pair of nine-year-olds caused an uproar in London, after they decided to play an explicative song by Meek Mill during a block of children’s programming.

The radio station Beta Bangla was broadcasting their “Children’s Hour” program which is hosted by the two children.

When the station manager took a prayer break, the kids decided to field requests and reportedly settled on a track by Meek Mill.

Some offended listeners called and reported the station to Ofcom, the U.K.’s equivalent of the FCC. An investigation was launched into Beta Bangla and found they breached three rules relating to broadcasting obscene material.

“We encouraged them to take requests so they can get more listeners and interact with more people in the community,” Beta Bangla Founder Golam Chowdhury told the U.K.’s Standard. “They were just excited to be called. The guy who was managing the program was on a break, he went for a prayer for five to eight minutes and during this period it happened. He didn’t even know that this song had been played until we received a letter from Ofcom.”

As a result, Beta Bangla has tightened up the rules and processes during the children’s hour.

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