Weekly Digest #12: How to Make Standardized Testing Better — The Learning Scientists

Last week, we published a digest of divergent views on standardized testing. Realistically, though, you’re unlikely to be reading our blog if you’re truly dead set against any kind of standardized testing – and in fact, let’s not forget the important point that any kind of test is actually standardized.

So let’s take as a basic assumption the idea that we do need some form of standardized assessment in order to determine whether schools are doing their jobs and students are learning. Given this assumption, how can we improve the process? Luckily, in the past few weeks, a few great blog posts have sprung up to address this very issue.

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In this short post, the infamous teacher-turned-columnist David describes what he would do if he was the testing czar, in 5 simple steps. Briefly, he says he would select a small sample of students at the beginning of the year, and another small sample at the end, and only test them.


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