Best MiFi Plans, No Contract Hotspots

Are you excited about mobile hotspots and researching what are the best MiFi plans without a contract (i.e.prepaid)?  Well, there’s nothing but good news for you, as there are a ton of great options now available.  When I first started this page (many years ago!), there were only a couple of offers on the market.  Now there are so many that I recently reorganized the information to make it easier to view all of the information!
Netgear Mobile Hotspot
In fact, initially there weren’t any prepaid Mi-Fi offers that could be classified as traditional prepaid offerings.  You had to basically buy a Sprint or Verizon MiFi hotspot modem at full price with a month-to-month plan.  In other words, no prepaid broadband providers offered MiFi devices, leaving you still receiving a bill from Verizon or Sprint!  Though with the month-to-month benefit, much like other prepaid broadband offerings, you’ll pay more for the hardware/modem than you would have to if you signed a one or two year contract. – See more at:


How to build a touchscreen from monitor with broken back-light. – YouTube

Published by davidcandlelight on Sep 24, 2013

One of my 20 inch monitor’s back-light broke, so I took it apart to build a touchscreen with a wiimote (wii remote) and some normal 12W LED lights. It’s like a little coffee table with a touch screen monitor as a surface.

To see where this whole video is leading to, just go all the way to the last five minutes or so.
In the video I referred to a 22 inch monitor which is wrong. Sorry about that. It’s one of the older 20 inch monitor models from Chimei and the actual size is 16 to 12 inch which makes a 20 inch in diagonal. They appear to be bigger cause of their hight.

The actual measurements for my little interactive “coffee table” are
Hight 30 inch or 75 cm
With 21.5 inch or 54cm
Length 21.5 inch or 54cm
The size of the screen demands the hight. For the wiimote to work you’ll need a certain distance.
The back-light is produced by two 12W LED 110V light-bulbs.
The inside of the box is painted all in white.
For the Ubuntu version, you can use Python-whiteboard for calibrating the wii-remote.
For windows, there are several free and commercial options.
Johnny Lee is the original inventor
Uwe Schmidt programmed a Java multi platform based version which can run on all platforms.…

So, don’t throw away your broken monitor!


via How to build a touchscreen from monitor with broken back-light. – YouTube